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I am an avid world traveler with an awe for traditional folk percussion styles that have existed through centuries among the cultures of the world.


I enjoy filming and photographing artists and their instruments.  My Rhythmuseum is a small sampling of drums I've imported and acquired from other travelers and artisans over the past twenty years.


I have studied several styles of percussion, including Japanese Taiko, Senegalese Sabar, Korean Chyango and West African Djembe.


If you have stories or insights about the instruments in my collection, please let me know.



When I was traveling in Indonesia, I sought to find the large Gendang Belek drum that I'd read about online.


I rode a scooter about 20 minutes outside of Mataram on the island of Lombok.  There I asked some kids if they knew where I could find this drum outside the festival season.


They escorted me into the heart of the village to meet the drummers.  They insisted that I try to play the massive drum and undertook a lesson for me right on the spot.


Though I don't know my teacher's name, we enjoyed "speaking drum" for about an hour.

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